About the Artist

My early work is strongly influenced by the mythical fantasy world, where archetypes, mermaids and fairies figure in dream landscapes. More recent works have been inspired by the magical and fantastic elements that exist in the natural world around us.

All my art works are intricate illustrations of rich narratives. They are deeply personal and reflect my multi-cultural influences and inspirations. I am passionate about my work. I find the process of creating artwork introspective, reflective and meditative. I enjoy that they can have a similar effect on viewers. My work allows me to give form to my stories and I enjoy that it can be viewed through many lenses to create new stories.

The mandala has been a common thread in my work. These circular designs are created using a set of images, symbols and ideas. Together, these elements create a layered mandala that can be appreciated as a big picture design but also invites a closer look at the details.

My work is influenced by Art Deco, Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo, iconography, M.C. Escher, Shaun Tan, religious art, rose windows, nature, symbols, narrative, colour, geometry, fractals, medieval manuscripts, children’s book illustrations, maps and graphic novels.

My artwork has appeared on gallery walls, in people’s homes, on business cards and magazine and book covers. My designs have been tattooed on bodies, and my illustrations have been used on shopfronts and as site maps. I have produced posters, flyers and pamphlets, newsletters and magazines.

My works are generally produced on 300gsm paper using ink and watercolour. I am passionate lover of colour. My work is detailed in line and colour.

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